The Humbug Called CHANGE

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The idea of CHANGE will always bring two distinctive philosophies into our minds though somewhat paradoxical. We may take it as a consistency in the way things are executed; or perhaps a divergence in consistency. Truth be told, there have always been CHANGE. Nothing has been more constant. Everything over the years has survived on CHANGE and still does. I see no reason why the issue of CHANGE should be made so pervasive that its essence almost escapes our notice.
As we approach the 2015 general election, no one can deny the existence of and the necessity for CHANGE. The pressing questions are – CHANGE of what? ; And CHANGE to what? I’ve heard people say – “anything order than the government we presently have will do”. Most have come to believe the grass is greener on the other side. While few are sure of enriching their greedy pocket with a CHANGE in government, many just hope for a better livelihood, but unfortunately a gross majority are completely clueless following ignorantly the band wagon. The seductive idea of CHANGE has clouded almost everyone’s reasoning. CHANGE, of course we need, but at the expense of what? What do we really understand about the only alternative to the incumbent government?
In the year 2014, the All Progressive Congress (APC) had its first and calculated primaries to pick a presidential candidate which is so unlike them. We’ve always known the principal appendage that made up the party for unquestionable imposition. Needless to say, the unusual primary gave way to General Muhammudu Buhari (GMB) as the party flag bearer thus the crusade for the fallacy called “CHANGE” began. The cliché CHANGE in no time spread across the nook and cranny of the nation like a wild fire. GMB popularity peak as that of GEJ (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) nosedives. Before anyone could say Jack, we were almost all consumed. Out of reasonably supposed facts, fear, bravery, greed and mostly stupidity, many prominent members of the ruling party are decamping to the opposition party. The act which is owned to the fact that they need a platform where their greed could be better serviced and not to better the live of the common man. All ways goes to flushing out the ruling party, especially unseating the incumbent president.
I must be honest; this is an unfortunate period in the history of our nation. We have what we believe to be a failing government; an unworthy, clueless opposition presidential candidate with a group of celebrated criminals as his promoters; and a largely unenlightened electorate. Only a few could breather to consider this crusade of CHANGE which daily hounds us offers no guarantee. We’ve all blindly embraced the unrealistic and questionable promises of CHANGE invoked on us by the opposition party. I am but disturbed that a cheap but potent strategy that has been deployed by political antagonism around the world is now been unleashed on my people in the most knotty and adverse period. The promise of CHANGE, no doubt has always been attractive and mostly effective. The campaign for CHANGE was what brought Barack Obama to power. Nevertheless, the crusade for CHANGE was the very deceptive strategy used by Adolf Hitler in 1933 and Robert Mugabe in 1980. We all are aware of the aftermath. History is littered with leaders that attained power with the deception called CHANGE. People have always accepted words for deeds, the canard we have at hand presently. We are content with show and rarely pause to note whether promises are followed by performances. Therefore, our political leaders give eloquent proof of our benefit if elected to progress.
Frankly speaking, GMB would have been a terrific comedian. His hope of leading the war against a well-armed, organised terrorist group just keeps me wondering. If as a military general and Head of State, he was unable to protect his reign from a bloodless coup, defeating the Boko-haram is nothing but a dramatic irony. Two things should be clear to all Nigerians here, if GMB has a strategy that can arrest the menace of this terrorist group and he had refused to share it with the present administration, then he is not patriotic and doesn’t deserve our votes. The second is – if the craziness of this terrorist group should stop after GMB assumes power, then I’m sorry for the Nigerian populace, for we’ve voluntarily elected a glorified terrorist to govern us. This is someone who said Boko-haram should be granted amnesty. I understood GMB sarcasm has no bounds when he promised to stabilize oil price if elected. The joke of the century, I must say. Chris Rock hasn’t said anything so funny.
I took a closer look at the promoters of the GMB candidacy, the list is entirely demoralizing. GMB promised all Nigerians he will send all corrupt officials to Kirikiri Maximum Prison if elected. Will he be honest enough to jail all his promoters (APC chieftains popularly dubbed “Association of Past Criminals”)? This is the point I realised that the promised CHANGE will never come, because it is guided by a theory that is fundamentally flawed. This is nothing but a case of celebrated criminals bringing in a tyrant to rule. The crusade for CHANGE is not for the love of the common people neither is it for the forwardness of the nation. All the promoters of this crusade are of questionable history which undermines the credibility of what they table before us. These promoters are but putting all they have got to cover up their evil past and at the same time enrich more their insatiable, bottomless pockets. Even if Nigerians should accept the fallacy of CHANGE these people put forward, is there any assurance that great calamities do not await us putting into consideration the reputation of the promoters and their candidate.
Nigerians must be aware that with every government arise difficulties. Moreover, the opposition/new party that is so desperate for CHANGE is not entirely new but an appendage to the old ruling party. Both parties make a composite body that its disorder arose chiefly from one or more challenges encountered, greed being the most paramount.
I’m not saying this recently adopted philosophy of CHANGE is totally inappropriate. My uneasiness arose when such deceitful package is used in seclusion as a kind of magical seed to spread unreasonable assumption across the nation. At best, the CHANGE crusade is totally irrelevant. It does nothing than promote scepticism, unrest, deceit and cynicism to say the least.
CHANGE, I have always believed starts with the common man, his knowledge and attitude. The opposition party will never talk about this, neither will the ruling party anyway. The Nigerian populace have always embraced greed and corruption as a way of life. We all have to CHANGE this mind-set. It is totally non-progressive. If each individual attitude is changed, our behaviour will definitely. Positively changed individuals make change/better homes; each home turns the communities around; communities, the states; changed states make a better country. Every government is the exact symbol of its people, with their doing and undoing; we have to agree, like people, like government. CHANGE doesn’t start from the outside-in, but from the inside-out. Not from the top to the bottom, but from the bottom to the top. CHANGE is a conversion experience that starts with the people, not the government. Nigerians need a particular mind-set to welcome CHANGE. A mind-set that can comprehend the plans and see the potential destination of a leader; and above all the intelligence to identify a worthy leader. CHANGE is a unit-by-unit phenomenon that brings result from persistence over a period of time as oppose to a quick fix.
In a nut shell, the truth about the CHANGE we are clamouring for today is just an opinion we desperately want to be true and perhaps permanent. Let no one deceive you, no one can give what he doesn’t have. Nigeria today can boast of the highest concentration of the black race, it will be unjustly sinful to get it wrong with a momentary unreasonable decision.

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